Drion Bank Security Gembloux, manufacture and production of bullet-proof windows and doors, Belgium.



Burglar and bullet-proof windows and doors
Borchamps, 2a
6900 Marche-en-Famenne
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The "Safety" artisan
Burglar and bullet-proof windows and doors

●  Aluminium windows and doors
Our aluminium windows and doors are able to resist shots from a Kalashnikov rifle with a 7.62 x 39 hard steel cartridge or a Remington 12 with Brenneke Jet Express 31 g (EN1522 and EN1523 standards).
Note: These 'hard steel' cartridges should not be equated with Russian ammunition, which is significant less powerful.
For our profiles, we place our trust in R.C. SYSTEM, since that company closely abides by Belgian FINCERTIF bank standards, which are often more rigorous than the equivalent Belgian or European standards.
We are currently using the EXCELLENCE 65 SF series with 4.2 mm thick steel plates (30 CRMO 5-2 519 HB din1.7269).

●  Steel windows and doors
We produce your internal and external joinery in steel using Swiss profiles manufactured by FORSTER AG.
(FINCERTIF/SVP/Com 001 MB3 certificate issued by the Belgian National Fire Protection Association (ANPI/NVBB) on 3 March 2002).

●  Glazing
Since March 2002, CHASSIS G. HANIN has owned all the shares of MIROITERIE JAMBOISE in Namur (a company limited by shares with a share capital of 88,000); we can therefore offer you a comprehensive service for all your delicate glazing work.
Our suppliers of security glass (HS 36, 5AT9, etc.) are Saint-Gobain and Glaverbel.

●  Our bullet-proof partitions
We ourselves regularly perform the tests necessary to ensure the most rigorous compliance with your specifications.
Our 'bullet-proof' sheets, dubbed 'G.H.Secur 6 mm', were certified, on 13 November 2002, as being compliant with the armoured-plating resistance test (Kalashnikov with a 7.62 x 39 hard steel cartridge or a Remington 12 with Brenneke Jet Express 31 g).
We can also sell you this plate retail for your internal needs.

●  Counters, locks, sluice access systems, blinds, etc.
In addition, we can produce your security counters, electrify your doors (electric locks, electric striker plates and sluice access function) and place all your security blinds (aluminium and steel).







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